U.S. oil and gas companies have burned off at least 3.5 trillion cubic feet of natural gas over much of the last decade, while unknown amounts of the methane-rich gas have flowed directly into the atmosphere.

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little victims everywhere

The federal government is responsible for investigating and prosecuting child sexual abuse in Indian Country. But not until the last decade has it been required to publicly disclose what happens to those cases — disclosures that suggest many are falling through the cracks.

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Caring for COVID’s Invisible Victims

The CARES Act included $4 billion to protect homeless people during the COVID-19 pandemic and a chance to reimagine how America cares for its most vulnerable.

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COVID's Invisible Victims

COVID’s Invisible Victims

Homeless people are one of the most vulnerable populations in the coronavirus pandemic, yet they’re largely invisible victims of the crisis. Very little is known about how they’re faring, in part because the Department of Housing and Urban Development …

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Operation Agent Touch

Homeland Security Investigations, a division of ICE, describes human trafficking as a “top investigative priority.” But its handling of recent sex-trafficking investigations in Arizona and beyond has raised questions about the agency’s undercover techniques.

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Homeland Secrets

Homeland Secrets

Federal law enforcement shootings have escaped the kind of scrutiny that gave rise to the local policing reforms of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Experts say that’s no accident: Federal agencies are not transparent, making public oversight difficult.

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