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Our Investigations

Lithium Liabilities

Federal officials are investing billions of dollars to increase domestic mining for lithium, the critical mineral used to power electric vehicles, computers and even military technology. The goal is to decrease reliance on foreign countries.

The new push for American lithium is working, but at the risk of another critical natural resource: water.

In the Sheriff We Trust

The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, which teaches that elected sheriffs must “protect their citizens from the overreach of an out-of-control federal government” by refusing to enforce any law they deem unconstitutional or unjust, has been expanding across the U.S.

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U.S. oil and gas companies have burned off at least 3.5 trillion cubic feet of natural gas over much of the last decade, while unknown amounts of the methane-rich gas have flowed directly into the atmosphere.

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little victims everywhere

The federal government is responsible for investigating and prosecuting child sexual abuse in Indian Country. But not until the last decade has it been required to publicly disclose what happens to those cases – disclosures that suggest many are falling through the cracks.

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Caring for COVID’s Invisible Victims

Congress allocated $4 billion to help homeless people during the COVID-19 pandemic, an unprecedented infusion that provided a chance to reimagine how America cares for its most vulnerable. Part 2 of a series.

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COVID's Invisible Victims

COVID’s Invisible Victims

COVID-19 was a ‘crisis within a crisis’ for the nation’s homeless population, among the most vulnerable to the pandemic. Did governments and communities rise to the challenge? Part 1 of a series.

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Operation Agent Touch

Homeland Security Investigations, a division of ICE, described human trafficking as a “top investigative priority.” But its handling of an Arizona sex-trafficking investigation raised doubt about the agency’s undercover techniques and policy.

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Homeland Secrets

Homeland Secrets

Federal law enforcement shootings have escaped the kind of scrutiny that gave rise to the local policing reforms of the Black Lives Matter movement. Experts say that’s no accident.

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About Us

ASU’s Howard Center for Investigative Journalism produces national multimedia investigations in collaboration with professional newsrooms. Our student-produced journalism has won major awards, including prizes from Investigative Reporters & Editors and the Society of Professional Journalists, and has been published by The Associated Press, USA Today, PBS NewsHour, The Houston Chronicle, The Arizona Republic, Inside Climate News and others. In addition to developing the next generation of investigative reporters, we aim to set the gold standard for investigative journalism education.

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Student & Alumni Opportunities

Roy W. Howard Fellowships

This fellowship program, created in honor of the late news industry executive and pioneer Roy W. Howard, places select Howard Center graduates in nonprofit investigative newsrooms for one year.

Master's Degree in Investigative Journalism

This unique interdisciplinary program is designed for early or mid-career journalists, as well as career-switchers. Students spend their capstone semester in the Howard Center.

Our Graduates

Howard Center graduates are the next generation of investigative journalists whose common experiences help them share reporting best practices and other opportunities, as well as support each other.

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“I have used almost every technique you taught me over the last two days.”

Nathan Collins

KERA News Dallas


“Every day in the Howard Center was a new adventure. I learned how to find better sources, challenge myself to think outside the box, think critically about everything and write strong so readers would stay engaged and learn. Plus, the guidance I received from Maud and Lauren was so incredible, I often find myself in my current reporting job thinking, ‘What would Maud and Lauren do?”

Mackenzie Shuman

The San Luis-Obispo Tribune


“The experience I gained from working in the Howard Center is unparalleled. I collaborated with peers who were passionate about uncovering the truth; developed the capacity to collect, analyze and share data; and tackled issues with real world implications.”

Joel Farias

Arizona State University


​​”Working in the Howard Center taught me how to build a comprehensive and impactful story out of a web of interviews and data collected over three months. The Howard Center method for organizing and pacing investigations is what I now use for all my long-term projects.”

Natalie Walters

Augusta Press


“My time working with the Howard Center for Investigative Journalism was unquestionably the highlight of my collegiate career. To be involved in such high caliber journalism—as a student—was extremely demanding, but enormously satisfying.”

Beno Thomas

ASU Tillman Veterans Center


“The reporting skills I learned during my time at ASU’s Howard Center have already been indispensable to the start of my journalism career, and I have no doubt the experience I gained under Maud and Lauren’s remarkable leadership will continue to pay off in dividends.”

Molly Duerig

Spectrum News 13, Orlando


“The Howard Center gave me enormous experience and knowledge in a short period of time and was a jumpstart for my career after ASU. Having my name published in leading media organizations in the country has opened many doors for me, not only in [the nation of] Georgia but beyond. I currently write stories for EU4Business and it would not be possible without some of the skills I have gained at the Howard Center.”

Nino Abdaladze



“My two semesters at the Howard Center were the most formative of my time at Cronkite. The opportunity to lead months-long investigative projects with the support of world class editors while still in college is unparalleled. The skills and experiences I gained through the Howard Center were pivotal in shaping my future as a journalist.”

Grace Oldham

Reveal, Center for Investigative Reporting


“ASU’s Howard Center is the very best of programs to prepare students for work in the real world. Maud Beelman and Lauren Mucciolo lead students through the ins and outs of investigative work while giving them an opportunity to report on important stories.”

Katie Surma

Inside Climate News


“The Howard Center allowed me to dig deep into data analysis projects and build coding and mapping skills I didn’t have time to develop elsewhere, considering all the demands upon reporters’ time in modern newsrooms.”

Austin Fast

National Public Radio (NPR)